Awareness workshop for theatre objects

Awareness workshop for theatre objects

  • 2-3 hours workshop
  • Maximum 12 participants
  • From 7 years old
  • One activity leader ( + one extra adult preferred)

For the past few years, the theatre of objects has taken a prime place amongst the world of live theatre. Following the footsteps of puppet shows, it embraces its rules while gaining in freedom and informality. In this theatre of animated forms, the object, no more mere prop, becomes the subject and game partner, at the service of a theme or story.

Aim of the workshop

To divert the objects from their functional use to a personal one by giving them a new identity.

Work axis

Object observation

Following a brief definition of the theatre of objects and its place in the puppet world, we will start from everyday objects brought by the children themselves ( saucepan, hammer, scissors, toys..) by placing them in their context ( emotional, functional) in their relationship with the person who has brought it.

Diversion of the object

Starting from each one of these objects, we will aim at reinventing them. Finding their own personality through attitudes, movements, by the means of theatre games, improvisations, scenes, tales, on their own or with others. We will question the rhythm, the relationship between the body and the objects, the performer’s point of view, and the choice of voices.


The theatre of objects is a playful way to enter into the world of puppet theatre, in its most inventive expression. It speaks directly to children who have the gift of instinctively play with what is around them.