affiche_VagabundoSet in 3 small scenes Vagabundo tells the story
of how bonds are forged between people…
Through an ageless character who is seen living,
experiencing emotions and growing.

A delicate and original manner to conjure up small pieces of life,
with its moments of distress and its fair share of tenderness.

Thierry Voisin’s chronicle on France Info, 23 september 2009

Co-production : Le Créa, Scène Conventionnée Jeune Public de Kingersheim
Aide à la production : L’Usinotopie à Villemur-sur-Tarn

affiche_VagabundoTable Puppet show. Over 6 years old.
Duration : 45 minutes
Space : 4 M x 4 M – Height : 2 M 50
Assembly : 2 hours
Breakdown : 30 minutes
Capacity : 200 people

Author, performer : Lukasz Areski
Artistic contribution : Britta Arste
Soundtrack : Carine Desaulty

Trailer of Vagabundo

Interview of Lukasz Areski, Avignon Festival 2015

Chronicle on Vagabundo, Avignon Festival 2015

Documentary about Vagabundo (First Version) , Leu Tempo Festival, St Leu, Ile de la Réunion – 2008