Making and handling of puppets workshop

Making and handling of puppets workshop

  • 3 days to one week ( 4 hours/day)
  • 8 to 10 participants, from 8 years old
  • One activity leader (+ one extra adult preferred)
  • A one-week workshop may result with the creation of a show

Puppet theatre is a form of expression which richness is to include several artistic fields, i.e modelling, painting, sewing, theatre play. To this playful mode can be added a pedagogic dimension in which the child can project himself, expressing his own language and emotions.

Technique: Puppet on a table

This technique is little known to the public. Close to the Jumping Jack or the doll, it lends itself to many possibilities thanks to its articulations and its lightness, while being easily handled by children.

Pedagogic aim

  • Beyond the sheer pleasure of “having a go” and giving life to a puppet, this workshop enhances several pedagogical notions.
  • The widening of the artistic field. The opening onto the imaginary.
  • The development of expression via a plastic and theatrical language. Learning to create with others.

Workshop plan

  • Introduction to the puppet world and its techniques.
  • Making of a puppet.
  • Handling: embodiment of the handler ( neutral, personified, hidden or seen); movements of the puppet.
  • Theatrical play: work on voice, improvisation