Affiche_MillefeuillesA black and white universe,
between the minimal and the infinity,
from old age to birth.

A walkabout show during which the public discover and explore a scenery in a dark room with a flashlight.

A whole world of papercut is revealed through projected shadows.

Suitable for stage theater, art space, museum or libraries.


Fragile silhouettes of paper in search of movement, in a dreamlike environment…
Through different techniques (pop-up mechanisms, kirigami, shadow theater…), these installations invite the Spectator to discover the multiple facets which paper offers.
They represent sketches with images that transform themeselves like the illustrations of pop-up books.

The aim is to connect the universe of animated books with a contemporary form of paper theater.


Five short performances take place during the exhibition.
Tragicomic stories evoking solitude and the power of the imagination with tenderness.
These stories question the connection between movement and immobility.

The technique of manipulation is based on a succession of fixed images that give the illusion of movement.

Co-production : Festival Eté de Vaour (81), Ville de Saint-Amans-Soult (81) et l’Arlésie à Daumazan (09)
Aide à la création : Petits-Bonheurs, Casteliers et l’arrondissement d’Outremont à Montréal, Québec/Canada la Mairie de Givet (08) et l’Usinotopie à Villemur-sur-Tarn (31), Association Teotihua (31)
Partenaire institutionnel : Conseil Régional d’Occitanie


Indoor, dark room required

Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: about 50 people
Number of performances per day: 3 performances a day maximum
Age: since 6 years old
Set-up: 6 hours
Dismantling: 2 hours

1 technician ( sound and light ) required

Teaser Millefeuilles (Video: Éric Vanz de Godoy)

Millefeuilles (Video : Éric Vanz de Godoy)

Millefeuilles (Festival Les Extras à Ramonville)

Reportage exposition Millefeuilles (Villemur-sur-Tarn – 2012)