Millefeuilles (Short Performances)

Affiche Millefeuilles Petites formesTender and absurd stories featuring an unusual character who, to escape solitude,
will invent a whole world for himself…

A praise of imagination through a pop-up universe where silhouettes and scenery appear in stop motion, creating the illusion of movements and reserving many surprises.

All audiences since 6 years old

Duration: 20 minutes
Capacity: about 50 personnes – Tier required
Number of performances per day: 3 maximum
Space: 4m by 3m
Set-up: between 1h and 2h

Dismantling: 30 minutes
1 person needed for the set-up and dismantling.

The show is technically autonomous indoor and outdoor

Author: Lukasz Areski
Artistic collaboration: Victor Betti