Socio-cultural project

A several months journey from China to India with performances and improvisations in schools, squares etc.

“Nomad of the laughter” project with the city of Malakoff: a 3 months journey in Peru and Bolivia with workshops and circus animations proposed in different orphanages.

“Mano à mano” project subsidized by the price “paris jeune talent”: a clown duet with Julie Rey,performed in schools and cultural centers of Cuba during a month.

Other artistic project with Julie Rey mixing shows and making and handling puppets, offered in social centers in the south of mexico and in Guatemala during 3 months.

In partnership with the association “Le cri du maki” in Mayotte island, 2 weeks of workshop ( juggling, theatre and making of giants puppets)with an ending parade in the village of Colombani.

During a tour with the show “Vagabundo” on the Reunion island, awareness workshop of puppets and theatre of objects proposed in different schools during a month.

Since 2010
Many papercut workshops in schools and old people’s home…

Others artistic interventions took place aboard or in France, sometimes improvised, through different encounters…