Voyage de plusieurs mois de la chine en Inde avec des improvisations sur des places publiques, dans des écoles et des orphelinats.

“Nomad of the laughter” project with the city of Malakoff: a 3 months journey in Peru and Bolivia with workshops and circus animations proposed in different orphanages.

“Mano à mano” project subsidized by the price “paris jeune talent”: a clown duet with Julie Rey,performed in schools and cultural centers of Cuba during a month.

Other artistic project with Julie Rey mixing shows and making and handling puppets, offered in social centers in the south of mexico and in Guatemala during 3 months.

In partnership with the association “Le cri du maki” in Mayotte island, 2 weeks of workshop ( juggling, theatre and making of giants puppets)with an ending parade in the village of Colombani.

During a tour with the show “Vagabundo” on the Reunion island, awareness workshop of puppets and theatre of objects proposed in different schools during a month.

Others artistic interventions took place aboard or in France, sometimes improvised, through different encounters…

Since 2010
Série d’ateliers autour du papier découpé et des livres animés dans des écoles et maisons de retraite.